Why Aluminum Sided Trailers are Better:

A simple search of "RV delamination" in any internet search engine will return a list of significant and expensive damage done to campers with fiberglass walls by the intrusion of water to the sidewall causing plywood and adhesives to let go resulting in blistering of the skin. This is referred to as delamination. There are no easy repairs to this type of problem and the resulting depreciation to the value of the camper can cause lasting financial issues.  Also:

* Wood framing offers insulation, hollow aluminum does not.

* Aluminum siding is painted like an automobile and does not fade. Fiberglass fades with age.

* Aluminum can be purchased in multiple colors improving the exterior looks. Fiberglass panels are only one color and stickers or paint added for color.

* Aluminum has "ridges" which provide lateral lines that improves the look of the trailer. Fiberglass is smooth often showing panel seams.

* Aluminum allows for blocking to be added to the wall for aftermarket accessories should you wish to add items at a later date. Fiberglass walls cannot be altered.

* Wood frame, aluminum sided units allow for flex. Fiberglass units under stress can crack.

Sample Photos of Fiberglass Delamination

Why do you find this sticker located by the entry door of one of the largest manufacturer's of fiberglass exterior trailers?

The owner of this Riverside trailer accidentally backed into the left front corner of their trailer.  The total repair cost for this damage was $368.52.  What do you think the repair costs to replace an entire laminated sidewall front and left side would be?

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Wood framed aluminum sidewalls will flex with road motions, fiberglass walls are rigid and do not flex.  Because of this many manufacturer's cut the fiberglass in high stress areas and cover the cut with moldings so that you will not experience a crack. The preventative procedure creates another opportunity for water to enter the wall.